Guidelines for St. John the Evangelist ALL Weekday and Weekend Masses

Bishop Medley has extended, until further notice, the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. Therefore, no one is required to attend Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening. However, the Sunday Mass is ESSENTIAL to our spiritual life. So if you go to the grocery or any big name businesses where there is a lot of people during the week......then why aren't you coming to Sunday Mass? You go to Mass not because we are obliged to attend BUT because the Sunday worship of God is something we owe Him out of Justice and Love.

Those who are considered to be at risk and those who may feel uncomfortable attending a public Mass should worship from home. We will try to continue to live stream the Mass.

Weekday and Weekend Masses

The 5:00pm Vigil Mass on Saturday and 7:30am and 9:30am Mass on Sunday WILL BE INSIDE THE CHURCH.

Capacity of seating now according to the Governor's and the Bishop's Guidelines will be 110. All households are required to sit 6ft apart. (the markings on the pews will help people see where they can sit). Once 110 people are in church, the doors will be locked and those people over 110 will be able to stand outside on the porch to attend Mass.

Masks and Social Distancing

  • Social Distancing (6ft-8ft) will be required for ALL.
  • Family members of the same house can sit together.
  • Masked are required for ALL over the age of the age of 3 years old.
  • Mask is required for one to enter the church for Mass and must be worn throughout the Mass.
  • If individuals are uncomfortable or children are not mature enough to wear a mask for the entire liturgy, they should worship from home.
  • YOU ARE TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN MASK for MASS. The Parish WILL NOT be providing everyone a mask for every Mass.


A COLLECTION BASKET will be at the church entrance at the Holy Water Font. Please place your Sunday Offerings in this basket when you enter church.

Holy Communion

  • Only one side of the church at a time will go to Holy Communion with ALL maintaining a 6ft distance between one another in the Communion line.
  • There will be NO Holy Communion on the tongue. ONLY HOLY COMMUNION in the HAND.
  • Please keep your face mask in place until you receive Holy Communion in your hand. Step to the side. Then remove the covering long enough to place the host in your mouth.
  • At the end of Mass, we ask that you exit the church a row at a time, beginning from the back at the directions of the USHERS.

PLEASE DO NOT congregate after Mass to talk, but go straight to your cars.

Online Giving

The weekly offertory collections taken during our weekend masses are an important source of income for our parish. Your weekly financial contributions make a big difference in our parish.

Article and video from ChurchPOP.

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Eating Twinkies with God

We don't need to look for and wide for God. He's in every one of us and in every thing that we do. Whether you believe or not, we all can agree that by helping each other, each good act that we do makes this world a brighter place. Let us rise to the occasion and be kinder to each other, to help one another. We are all on the same team.


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Welcome to St. John the Evangelist

We at St. John the Evangelist are an active Catholic faith community working together to help people encounter God and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We believe that faith is a journey and no matter where you are on the journey, we welcome you.

This website will help you learn about what's going on here at St. John the Evangelist and how you can get involved. Our parish becomes more vibrant and enriched when more parishioners come forward to share their faith, time, and talent with the rest of the community. There are a lot of possibilities! Know that we are here for you and if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.

God bless!

Upcoming Events

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